V3 for Compliance


V3 for Compliance

Vertex Analytics was created with the intention to bring market data insight to the trading world. In 2017, we've begun to do just that with V3, the trading analytics platform for compliance executives, regulators, and traders themselves. The capabilities of the V3 platform are truly revolutionary - allowing exchange market regulators and compliance executives at trading firms to continuously monitor the market for manipulative and disruptive behaviors, overlay trading data with market data, bringing you a complete view of the full, in-context market and your associated compliance risk.

In the most complex regulatory environment in history, you need a new approach to the way you protect your firm. Vertex always starts by analyzing the market for irregular behavior – quickly and without missing an instance of a potentially non-compliant order cluster. We provide a means to consistently and quantitatively evaluate compliance risk allowing you to stay ahead of the curve, and reduce your risk of costly fines.

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Built for Trading

Unlike other solutions that have limited capability, V3 was built from the ground up to handle the volume, variety, and velocity of data in today's trading environment. V3's easy-to-use interface and dashboard provide you with defensible context to support your compliance environment and allow you to navigate the massive amount of incoming market data at any level of granularity.

Continuous Supervision

With V3, you are enabled to continuously assess compliance risk, and/or analyze a past violation. Choose from V3's library of advanced scans or use your own to identify instances of problematic behavior. You will now have access to data that can be used to pursue action, or justify and defend activity under inquiry or investigation by regulators.

Market Data Overlay

V3 ingests billions of trading messages from exchange data and DropCopy files, and then allows you to overlay proprietary trading activity, giving you a complete, in-context view of the market. V3 does this with what no other product can do: 100% data integrity.


Being able to overlay market data is just the beginning; V3's compliance dashboard prioritizes your end-of-day workflow by showing you at-a-glance what behaviors you need to explore further, broken down by Trading Group and Instrument.

“Vertex Analytics is the only source that CFTC is aware of which provides a visualization software application (V3) with access to years of order book data.”

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