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Machine Learning with Vertex Analytics

The VX suite facilitates the entire analytics pipeline, from data flow to model creation to real-time prediction dashboards. v9’s high performance data streaming and charting makes it especially well-suited for complex, data intensive models like computer vision and online deep learning. Our tools reduce tech overhead and allow for maximum creativity and predictive power.

All-in-one Analytics Stack

VX users bypass much of the initial data prep work associated with machine learning projects. The v9 charting platform receives a clean, reliable data stream from the v9 API so you can jump straight into exploratory visualizations. Use any JavaScript charting library (including the v9 library!) to plot both real-time and historical data. If you prefer to work off-platform, streaming data is available through the v9 Feed and large data histories can be downloaded from the Data Center.

Use the v9 Editor to design, train, and test models. Externally-sourced models can also be brought onto the platform for evaluation against streaming data. Once ready for production, output goes to the v9 Dashboard to be viewed in real time alongside other v9 content.

Down the road

VX has big plans to expand its machine learning capabilities, beginning with a v9 Python library for easier integration between the v9 API and existing Python code. We are also adding native Python execution to the v9 Platform. This brings two benefits: firstly, you won’t have to take data offline to do analysis in Python. Second, pre-existing Python ML programs can be brought onto the platform and enhanced with v9’s visual capabilities. We are also adding additional data sources to the v9 API so that you can expand feature sets beyond CME products. Stay tuned!