Compliance Officers

Mitigate Your Failure to Supervise

Improve Compliance & Lessen Exposure

In today’s markets, changing regulations, trading algorithms and advanced trading strategies create complex challenges for managing risk.

Introducing Vertex's V3 platform, the only solution that reveals your firm’s patterns and behaviors - putting activity instantly into context to enable you to defend yourself. Create a culture of compliance by proactively listening to the execution, monitoring and managing all activity within your firm at all times.

Be Proactive

Find the issue before it becomes a problem.

Intelligent Data Visualizations

Without the proper tools to visualize your firm’s activity, your ability to monitor is significantly impacted.

100% Data Integrity

To remain competitive and win in today's financial markets, data integrity is paramount.

Extreme Speed of Access

Traditional systems weren’t designed to handle the complex needs of the financial markets today.

The V3 platform is the only solution on the market with zero data loss. We constantly collect, clean and monitor the markets, delivering you flawless data. Instead of struggling with data sourcing, data management and inaccurate analysis, you can now focus purely on monitoring trading activity.

Unlike other solutions, V3 is the only technology built from the ground up to meet the extraordinary demands of electronically traded financial markets. Our proprietary technology enables you to access performance data with extreme speed, ease and flexibility. This drives on-the-spot analysis which can be acted upon immediately.

V3 brings the performance of your firm to life through unique and rich visual storyboards that reveal and empower - making the invisible, visible. With the platform, gain transparency and clarity into trading activity and discover something new everyday.

The V3 platform integrates seamlessly into your day, allowing you to view your firm’s activity instantly. It eliminates the need to manage, clean and maintain execution data. All you need to do is connect and let the platform do the rest.

"Vertex Analytics may have devised a way to make high-frequency trading more transparent and spoofing easier to detect."

Robert Korajczk, Finance Professor, Northwestern University
Bloomberg Business, December 21, 2015

The V3 Platform

V3 helps you discover potential risks to your firm based on trading activities. At last, gain the transparency, clarity and understanding you need to take action before the citations arrive.

  • Gain insights into your firm’s activities at message level granularity
  • Finally see your firm’s black-box algorithms
  • Immediately detect Automated Trading System failure
  • Failure to Supervise becomes obsolete
  • Embrace the technology - the solution is here

1+ Billion

Messages Collected Daily


Futures & Options Products


Data Integrity & Uptime

Macro to Message Level Zoom

V3 allows you to experience your firm’s performance at the most granular level possible. Instantly zoom in and out from the macro view to the message level detail of any set of trading activity. Inspect, observe and interpret the conditions that drive market prices and the degree of volatility at any given moment.

Critical Pattern Detection

With the V3 platform, the critical details of your firm’s performance are visible and transparent as they occur. Finally see patterns and behavioral dynamics of participants and understand how markets change over time.

Import Your Firm's Data

With V3, import your firm's quote and trade data, from any source, to see activity within the context of the overall market at any given moment. Understand how your firm’s actions impact the market and take action as needed.

Reference Case Library

The Vertex platform enables you to retain a digital record of items of interest discovered over time and refer back to them at your convenience. Digital bookmarking and pinning takes the best practice of daily journaling and moves it leaps ahead. Instead of handwritten observations, the platform brings these thoughts to life. They can now be verified or refuted with absolute clarity and transparency.

Stack and Sync Market Events

The V3 platform enables you to synchronize market events across multiple markets simultaneously, bringing to life the interplay among different markets. You now have the power to visually inspect the unfolding of events, perfectly synchronized across multiple markets, to explore opportunities that exist and how they may evolve over time.

Historical Analysis

Going back in time helps you make smarter, more informed decisions only if you have the context to understand what occurred. V3 gives you instant market replays and contextualized storyboard views. With Vertex understand what caused market shifts through our interactive, real-time platform.

Instant On

Reduce the time it takes to receive aggregated actionable data. Instantaneously view your firm’s activity in real-time, T[0], T[1] or any available point in time. The speed of the platform allows you to increase efficiency by quickly creating multiple points of view to answer questions.

What will you

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Never Miss a Single Market Event.

The Vertex Platform allows you to stay in the know every second of every day. Explore macro trends or drill down to analyze activity in micro-second detail.

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