Our History

With the emergence of high frequency trading, traditional data systems are crumbling. They simply cannot handle the explosion of data and maintain a perfect record every single day. The impact to the financial ecosystem is tremendous — traders no longer have complete visibility of the market, firms are at risk for failing to supervise their traders, and organizations are facing lawsuits for activities they cannot see. Without a fundamentally new approach to data management and analytics, the entire ecosystem is at risk.

In 2011, Vertex Analytics embarked on a mission to solve this problem and revolutionize financial market data management and analytics. With the knowledge that current systems were failing, our vision was to fundamentally change the way information was captured, stored, accessed and analyzed. To do so, we sought to create an advanced solution to manage the volume, variety, velocity and veracity of futures big data. And it was our belief that this could be done at a low cost, with rapid implementation, real-time data streams and instant accessibility. It would be an undertaking attempted by many, but solved by none. Until now.

We at Vertex knew that the dramatic shift in data demands would require the same dramatic shift in thought, and so from the start, we challenged every assumption and theory of data system design. We didn’t set out to cobble together existing technology into something new. Instead, we set out to develop the most innovative technology possible for the data demands of today and of the future.

The technology that emerged was a radically new solution to advanced analytics and financial markets intelligence. This innovative, patented platform from Vertex does what others cannot—capture every single data point with zero data loss, ensuring 100% data integrity—in real-time, with instant access and at the lowest cost. It enables all members in the financial markets ecosystem to not only survive, but thrive. Never before has a trader, compliance officer or risk manager had the ability to see the markets with such granularity, precision and speed.

Vertex is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Our Team

James Austin
Founder & CEO

Mr. Austin is the CEO of Vertex Analytics, Inc. He has had a career entrenched in technology and the financial markets. Prior to co-founding Vertex in 2010, he was a Financial Engineer for Quantitative Analytics, Inc., which was acquired by Thompson Financial. While there he gained significant insight and knowledge for the construction, analysis, and back testing of portfolios. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management from Miami University.

Sorel Aharoni
Founder & CTO

Mr. Aharoni is the CTO of Vertex Analytics, Inc. A chemical engineer with math and computer science degrees, Mr. Aharoni is a talented veteran of financial industry software, having worked for Quantitative Analytics, Allston Trading, and TransMarket Group.